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Metadata content model sketch A work in progress, models basic metadata concepts for geospatial, scientific resources (Note-- If this won't open with Chrome, try another browser).

A more complete generic metadata model. More obviously and closely aligned with the ISO19nnn metadata suite. (Note-- If this won't open with Chrome, try another browser)

Content model for machine actionable links: White paper discussing properties useful for describing machine actionable links on the web.

USGIN URI scheme v. 1.1: USGIN specification describing the URI scheme used to identify USGIN resources.

USGIN ISO metadata profile specification. Full details for use of ISO19139 to encode USGIN-conformant metadata. This link gets the most current version. The most recent 'release' is version 1.2.

USGIN metadata content recommendation specification: Information model for mandatory and recommended content in metadata documenting USGIN resources. This is the basis for the ISO metadata profile.

Brainstorming use scenarios and functions for registry: Notes to guide implementation choices for registry to support interoperability in the Earth Science domain. Updated in preparation for RDA plenary 7 DataType registry discussion 2016-01-20

Proposed UML model for vocabulary and information registry. Updated 2016-06-18. (Note-- If this won't open with Chrome, try another browser). The scope of this model is the formal representation of information objects that are the basic units of data representation in computer information systems. The model specifies the concept of a DataObject ('type', 'entity', 'object', etc.) that has a collection of attributes, with domains and cardinalities for those attributes, constituting the representation of instances of that type/entity. The model distinguishes the conceptual level definition of these objects and attributes from the implementation of those concepts with a particular representation. Description and documentation of the conceptual level (ObjectClass and Properties) is important for interfaces through which domain practitioners interact with data. Description and documentation of the implementation level (DataObject and DataElements) is important for software systems that automate operations on the data. Representation of the conceptual objects might be implemented as JSON objects, XML elements, rows in a relation, RDF graphs etc.

This model is a synthesis of a variety of existing models for documenting schema and vocabulary used to define representations of information about entities of interest in the world. Inputs include ISO19110, ISO19115, ISO11179, OGC10-090r3 (NetCDF common data model) and the RDA data Type registry prototype (WG output, March 2015).

older versions: Draft UML model for vocabulary and information registry 2016-01-20; Second Draft, updated 2016-03-23; Third Draft, updateed 2016-04-28.